dob 11/03/2001

An R3 Dylan daughter, Lucy has that sought after parker brown coloring combined with a white line back and a lacey face.  Lucy has been a great producer and has given us 4 daughters –
Louisa Rose, a 2010 Concho heifer; Linda Liu,a Strider daughter;
her February 2007 Rattlesnake heifer, Cascabel Rose;
and a solid parker brown 2008 Legend heifer, Lucinda Rose.  
Lucy Liu  BR3
R3 Dylan
Ace's Dayton Desperado Ace's Mojo
FM Graves 54
Miss Dixie 4 Gladiator
Miss Dixie 12
Lucy BH 29
Mr. Graves Dode's Boy
FM Graves 102
Monica FM 245 Monarch 103
FM Graves 91
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