Located in the heart of the Texas hill country on the banks of the beautiful Pedernales River, Rio Vista has been home to Texas longhorn cattle since 2000. With primary focus on straight Butler cattle, the pedigrees of our herd combine some of today's proven producers with genetics from well known "old time" Butler animals. The quest
for "old time" proven genetics led us to acquire the foundation herd of
Robert and Trina King, early in 2008. With that acquisition, we added hard to find
Leta Boom and Mona Leta descendants to our breeding program.
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In addition to King genetics, our foundation herd included Miss Ace Monarch FM74, Little Ace Swamp Guinea, VJ Nestor's Brenda, R3 Harmony,
MF Good Dot, and W5 Little 427.

In 2021, Rio Vista was fortunate to enter into a breeding partnership with Christa Cattle Co. on most of our foundation longhorns so that going forward offspring will be owned jointly by RVR and C3. We are eager to see what the RVR/C3 partnership produces.

Butler Longhorns and Texas Hill Country

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