dob 05/01/2001

As the first of our K Trina Graves daughter, Trina Dode is as regal as her majestic horns imply.
She's earned her keep with a string of outstanding heifers -- RVR Trina Rose, RVR Katy Rose, RVR Irish Rose, RVR Sabrina Rose, RVR Maxine Rose, and her 2014 heifer out of Concho 24. We regard her offspring as some of our best production and chose to grow out her 2010 Concho son, RVR Trinidad, as a herd sire. Trina sold with her 2014 Concho 24 daughter at side and was exposed to RVR Mr. Lucky.
Trina Dode RK60
Dode Graves FM962
Welfare RG921 Mr. Graves
Classic Gem FM 225
Miss Pauline RG935 Mr. Graves
Classey Belle FM568
K El Presidente 500 Redmac Beau Butler
Fawnie #75
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6 Butler Boy
Real Classey FM 387
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