dob 3/26/2014

Purchased in partnership with Rocking P Longhorns at the 20th anniversary BBI from Makayla McLeod, Miss Desperado is an awesome addition to both our breeding programs. Besides her awesome color, Miss Desperado has an outstanding pedigree with Hunter's Droopy (a son of Hunter MC 69, the longest TTT Butler bull) as sire and double bred Desperado's Santa Fe on the bottom side. Plus, she had a heifer calf at side!
Miss Desperado ML 41
Hunter's Droopy MC 91
Hunter MC 69 Festus MC 27
Jackie Lynn 90
Jackie Lynn 308 MF Double Droopy
Jackie Lynn 171
Miss Santa Fe ML 04
Royal Desperado MC 47 Desperado's Santa Fe 67
Jackie Lynn 1/955
Miss Desperado ML 23 Desperado's Santa Fe 67
Jackie Lynn 2651
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