dob 05/18/2002

Fawnie Dode, a K Trina Graves daughter, was a great producer for us with her 2010 Concho daughter, RVR Calypso Rose and a Graves Outlaw daughter, Fawnie Rose. To see more of Fawnie's production, check out her 2006 Graves Outlaw daughter, Dodie Graves. Double bred Mr. Graves on the top side and Redmac Beau Butler on the bottom, Fawnie Dode was loaded with great old-time Butler genetics.
Fawnie Dode RK86
Dode Graves FM962
Welfare RG921 Mr. Graves
Classic Gem FM 225
Miss Pauline RG935 Mr. Graves
Classey Belle FM568
K El Presidente 500 Redmac Beau Butler
Fawnie #75
Kbar Miss Freckles 32/6 Butler Boy
Real Classey FM 387
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