dob 06/28/2002

Without even looking at his pedigree, you can see that Concho 24 is a VJ Tommie grandson. Our 2009/2010 Concho offspring are some of the best we have produced at Rio Vista - RVR Brenda Rose, RVR Contessa Rose, RVR Penelope Rose and RVR Calypso Rose. Plus Concho had 2 sons that are outstanding herd sires- RVR Handsome Jack and RVR Trinidad.
Concho 24
VJ Nestor
VJ Tommie aka Unlimited No Double
OT Superior's Droopy
VJ Curly's Girl Ten's Comealong 360
MF Curley Horns
Jackie Lynn 171
Shenandoah Nick Nick FM 353
Miss Graves
Jackie Lynn 2660 Ace's Conquistaprince
Maribeth 687
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